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We know you have questions about how we do things, and this page is designed specifically to meet your inquisitive needs.  Feel free to contact us at  (405) 946-4000 or check out our new Facebook account below and message us if you have any additional questions! 

What do CNA and HHA mean? 

CNA Stands for Certified Nurising Aide and HHA means Home Health Aide

How do I get my CNA and HHA Certification?

In order to become a Certified Nursing Aide you must first complete a number of hours in a state approved school and take a state test.  The Home Health Aide Class can start when the Certified Nursing Aide certification has been completed.  Completion of the Home Health Aide class and the state test makes you Home Health Aide Certified.

Do we, at CNA Training Academy offer any financial assistance?

Yes!  CNA Training Academy offers flexible payment plans to help you pay for your classes, uniforms and even testing fees.  There are also several organizations and Indian tribe organizations that we can refer you to in which you may be eligible for state, government and non-profit grants and/or funding.  Come over to our office today and we can discuss with you one on one.

What is the career outlook for CNA Nursing Assistants & Home Health Aides?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing assistant jobs (including Home Health Aides and psychiatric aides) will be in high demand especially among those institutions that provide quality care to the elderly.  Many health care facilities recognize the important role that a qualified and compassionate Certified Nurse Aide or Home Health Aide can play in providing quality care to their organization.  The CNA and HHA can work in a wide variety of settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, adult day care centers, personal homes and assisted living facilities.  These all require the Certified Nurse Aide and/or Home Health Aide to act as a helpful liaison between the RN or the LPN and the patient.

CNA Training Academy is ready to help get you certified and help market you to prospective companies to secure your exciting new career!  We have relationships with a large array of companies who are waiting to meet with you!  Call us NOW to find out how we can help!

Does CNA Training Academy offer resume and interview pre-employment workshops? 

Yes!  CNA Training Academy offers high grade resume and interview pre-employment workshops to ensure you start off your exciting career on the right foot.  We would be teaching you interview Skills, dressing for an interview, professionalism, overcoming objectives, how to sell yourself in an interview, resume writing skills and salary negotiation.
Hop on aboard with us and see how far you can go in fulfilling your dreams.

I have a criminal background. How can I become a CNA or HHA?

Oops!  Criminal Backgrounds are NOT Acceptable for CNA or Home Health Aide Certification.

Any student who has the following criminal background revealed on the OSBI Criminal Check will NOT be able to obtain a Certification through the State of Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry.  Regardless if the offense was over 10 years ago, and it falls on the list below, you can NOT get any certification through the state.  If you have any other criminal history that is on your OSBI other than the ones listed below, it will be up to each individual employer and their hiring criteria to judge if they can hire you or not.  CNA Training Academy cannot guarantee you can be hired by any other company as it is up to each individual company’s discretion and hiring policies.  Please refer to this excerpt from TITLE 63 OF THE OKLAHOMA STATUTES:

ß63-1-1950.1 - ß63-1-1951. 
F.1. If the results of a criminal history background check reveal that the subject has been convicted of, pleaded guilty or not contested to, or received a deferred sentence for any of the following offenses, the employer shall not hire or contract with the person: